What's Next?

Since 2009 I've competed in nearly 30 strongman competitions. I've competed in England, Reno, Dallas, Columbus, Louisville, Tunica, St. Louis just to name a few. I love strongman. I love the training and competing. I love the mental side. However, I also have had another goal on the backburner for a few years and that is doing another powerlifting meet. I did my last and only full meet back in 2008 through some non-legit federation. I totaled 1320 (sq 450, b 350, dl 520) in the 198 class.

I really don't know what to expect to total. I haven't back squatted or done bench press with any consistency in years. I always found the front squat and incline bench to be a better choice for strongman for multiple reasons. So the bench press and squat technique feels like hell right now, as to be expected. I plan to compete sometime this spring/early summer. My goal is to total 1685+ raw/no wraps/no sleeves at 198.

Right now I'm in an off-season phase, but I'm really hammering the bench press and squat to get my groove back.

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