Yep, things were going much too well in my recovery. Just as I finally got my back and hip together and was feeling strong, I jacked up my knee. Jess and I went up to Mont Tremblant, Canada for a short ski vacation. I should have seen the signs as it took us 11 hours to make a 7 hour drive. We battled snow the entire way. You'd figure if we could survive that dangerous trek, the rest would be gravy. Not so much.

So after a good night of sleep we got up to hit the slopes early. There was fresh powder and it was awesome. I bet your thinking, boy that dumb ass should not be on skis, let alone a month out from competing. Well, first, powerlifting is now tied with my other hobbies of skiing, stand up paddleboarding, and hiking. Of course I want to do it to the best of my ability, however, it is not going to inhibit my life like it has for the past couple of decades. Second, I didn't even hurt my knee skiing. I simply slipped on ice coming back from dinner.

My leg went out and I went down in what seemed like slow motion. I totally felt something slowly tearing. Once you have torn something on your body before, you become quite in touch with the sensation. So I sat there on the ground awkwardly while Jessica stood in silence. She has seen enough of my mishaps and injuries to know I just need to stay in one place and assess for a bit. I hobbled back to the room and then elevated and iced it. I know there are conflicting ideas about icing injuries these days, but until I get my md I guess I'll go with what I know.

The next morning it had stiffened up quite a bit. There was not much swelling and no bruising, so other than a fair amount of pain, I figured I got off easy. Regardless, we knew to cut the trip short to get me back to my sports doctor. So we ended up only having one full day of vacation. Other than busting my leg up, it was awesome. I recommend Mont Tremblant highly.

Long story short, I was able to get to my doctor on Friday. It turns out I have a grade 2 sprain of my mcl. That means it is partially torn. The doc also feels I partially tore my vmo (one of the muscles in the quad). Luckily, from the tests performed, he saw no damage to any other part of the knee. That means, no surgery, and a prognosis of a full recovery. I get fitted for a brace on Monday. So between that and rest I'll see him in just over a week to reevaluate.

Oh yeah, that silver lining. Well at least my back and hip will get some real time to heal up. Nothing like a forced deload. After all, isn't that what an injury is?