Every week I dream of the perfect Sunday evening, everything's packed and ready to go for the week, all chores done, lifting done and after 6:00 I get to relax and then go to bed early. That never happens. Actually Sunday evenings pan out completely opposite.

So I was pretty frustrated when late Sunday afternoon it was clear that I would be the only one available to go clean the gym.  I tried to look at the bright side, I could get some extra training in, which I did.

The whole time cleaning, I was thinking about how my entire day was spent working on gym stuff and I still had a giant to do list to accomplish. In a moment of self pity I couldn't help but think, "Where's MY $15 hr?"  This is bogus. I'm being taken advantage of. The Big Guy really is a miser and is taking advantage of me. I'm not getting SQUAT to be here.

Then I snapped back to the reality that I am a business owner. I made and accepted the choice for us to both work TONS of hours, very little pay right now, risking our retirement, etc. The sacrifices were chosen and most business owners will tell you it takes multiple years of those sacrifices before the true benefit is seen. You know, where the piles of cash are pulled out of the safe and we can throw money in the air with an evil laugh of greed.

Prior to going in to the gym, I had been reading commentary about increasing minimum wage to $15 because business owner's shouldn't be selfish and make too much money was rattling in my brain.  You know, share their cookie with the kid who stomped on his in a giant dirt pile on the playground. Then I couldn't help but think, there are teachers out there that haven't had raises in five or six years. Where is THEIR increase? State workers commonly go several years without raises. Where is THEIR increase? How about the old man who owns several fast food restaurants in the area with his business office next to us. He's just like everyone else, trying to pay the bills and make it through.  I wonder if he's really the evil overlord that chuckles uncontrollably when he throws mere crumbs out to his peasant workers? More importantly do these white noise advocates have ANY idea on how to run a business, costs and responsibilities associated with it, or even understand basic accounting principles?

When we can't afford things in this house, we don't get it, even basic essentials. I often contemplate getting another job just to get the foo-foo things I WANT but can't afford.  I have several friends who have more than one job just to be able to make it. Point being, nobody deserves anything.  Hard work, discipline and sacrifice are lessons learned under the bar and transfer to real life.

I suppose this turned into a rant. I suppose my dad was right, nothing good ever happens after 11:00 pm.  In my mind this started out logically and directly connected with lifting. Or being a business owner. Or was intended to be an uplifting story of working hard to overcome barriers and to strive for self improvement. Or wondering who else is going to clean the gym next time.  Any one of those things could have been it. You fill in the blanks and decide how and if this little story applies to you.

As for the "bonus" training time....I did 5 sets of Mas Wrestling holds for time. They are brutal and have a fabulous way of making the entire body hurt. Or it could have been the mopping and wiping down equipment that did me in.