That's right my prep meet at NBS (home gym) is right around the corner, I would be full of crap if I told you I felt good and ready for this prep meet. Squatting felt terrible today, my only conclusion was I had the bar too high which was making me inconsistent with my groove. Took 600 for two sets but I am still beat due to anxiety and stress that ended last week, even with an extra day of recovery. Got through it with minimal pain the set in later on in the evening by way of my triceps again. Last week I had to bail on the bench, hoping I will not have to do the same Wednesday.

Squat- 5x3 : 585,600,600,585,585,
* 3ct Double Pause Squat 2x8: 325
* A1) Stability Ball Pike 2x8: BW
* A2) Back Ext. /GHR with Pause 2x20: BW
* B2) Hip Cirlce Seated Abduction/Ext. Rot. 3ct pause 2x10: Skip
* B3) FB Bat Wing Holds 3x30’s: skip