Bench had to be shut down ... AGAIN! I made it to 275 and my triceps started to hurt, took 315 and felt like they were going to rip apart, pushed it to 335 with a loose XL red SlingShot for 2 and called it quits on bench and pretty much my workout.
I will basically be going into this prep meet blind on the bench since I have not been under anything over 85 at all. Taking all next week off hoping to recover and keep the pain away. Got Graston and Art + Scrapping done yesterday with still no luck. The pain went away quicker due to yesterdays therapy but still was around a 6 while letting go of the bench bar and while on the chest. Fingers crossed I don't have to pull out of a prep meet, lol.

Bench- 3ct Pause 335x2 + loose slingshot
3ct Pause Low Spotto 3x6: pain
A1) Chin Up or Band/Cable Pull Down/Row 3x12:
A2) DB Incline 3x12:
B1) Seated Curls slow eccentric 3x10:
B2) DB Floor Dead Stop Triceps 3x12: