So there was minor miscommunication on prep meet date so I am really flying into this meet blind on a number of things, this statement will sound like a broken record if you follow me on social media outlets. I stuck to the normal training program as printed taking 405 + chains for 5 sets of 3 but, instead of traditional up-sets at one weight I did increase each set until I hit my opener deadlift. I moved quickly and liked how deadlifts felt after turning it into a CrossFit style workout.  My opener in this meet will be the last warmup come November at record breakers.

Deadlift 4-6 chains 5x3: 405   Up-set: last warm up

  • Low Sumo Block Pull 3x6: 445
  • A1) Close Grip 3 ct Pause 2x12: SKIP
  • A2) Meadow Row slow eccentric 2x12: 50
  • B1) Suit Case Holds 2x20’s: 110
  • B2) hip pull throughs 2x12: 130