• Squat 615x1 then 675 hold for 5-10's
  • Reverse Hypers 2x10
  • DB Bat Wing Holds 3x30's

Ever have that moment when you come across someones social media and just shake your head at their stupidity as they are lifting the week of a meet or the week directly after? Well, start shaking it as you read this blog or stumble onto my social media cause that is what you are going to see.

Don't forget this week is leading into my PREP meet which is not to be confused with my overall planned meet. Yes, I will be attempting lifts at or over 90%. Yes, I will be in my singlet and yes, I will treat this like a normal meet but my attempts will not be 100% effort.

Squats today felt like horse crap but they moved smoothly. I looked like a wet cold chihuahua shaking when I stood up with 675 so that was a great confidence booster as it is supposed to be my "2nd attempt" at this prep meet.