I was programmed to get back under the EliteFTS Spider Bar today, unlike most people I actually like this bar even though it is awkward. I control it much better than the safety squat bar and cambered bar by themselves.

Last training cycle coach Gaglione introduced me to "up-sets" on speed day, I was skeptical at first. They are now some of my favorite movements, this form of post activation potentiation (PAP) has met feeling great during my heavier up sets and I feel like I am moving the weigh touch better!

This strength block also has me deadlifting 2x a week before squats on one day and after on the next which I am enjoying as well!

Day 1
*Spider Bar Squats 6x3: 385 + 4 chains 2x2: 450 + 4 chain
*Conventional Deficit Dead’s 2x8: 345
*A1) Body Saw 2x8: BW
*A2) Db Glute Bridge (Pause) 2x12: 25
*B1) Banded Side Walks 2x20: Green
*B2) Face Pulls 2x20: Green