I am going to take everyone back about a year ago to a video of Dave Tate ripping apart my training crew and my coaching of said crew. In this video, a bunch of helpful information was given and the video itself was a great hit. In this gem, Dave mentioned, "wedging into the bar". well, what does this mean?

To wedge into the bar is to press your body into the bar and into the floor so you can literally "feel the bar in your feet". Since then, this is the only time I have heard this cue being given and it worked wonders. As the Hashtag, #PovertyBench continues, I am constantly looking for ways to get 1lb more out of my bench which led me to think about wedging into the bench.

The Setup: Next time you bench, try pushing your body into the bench pad by pushing on the bar BEFORE you lock your legs in. After you are pressed into the pad THEN drive with your legs to lock in this wedge prior to un-rack. I promise on my job you will feel that much more stable and in control of the bar. It has been a great aid in my set-up transition over the past 3 months. Video and a potential article will soon follow!

*Bench, 9x3: 50, 55, 60%: 195 – 210 - 230 + 3 chains
*Mid Spotto Press, 3’s pause 2x10: 245
*A1) Single Arm Dead Stop KB Row (3’s Pause) 1x20: 32
*A2) DB Floor Press (Pause top and bottom) 1x10:
*B1) DB Hammer Curl (slow eccentric) 1x20: 15
*B2) Grenade ball Cable tricep 1x20: 80