Back at it on dynamic effort deadlift day in a competition stance. Chains were implemented to slow me down but they failed until my upsets were implemented. I slowed WAYYYYYY down but felt I moved the weight well. I failed to record my second upset which was sloppy, think something happened with the chains and pulled me off balance, either way, it was a good session and next week start's meet prep!

*DE, Sumo Deadlift, stiff bar, 6x2: 475 + 4 chains 2x1: 545 + 6 chain
*SSB Paused Squats 1x8: 325
*A1) Pendlay Rows 1x12: 115
*A2) Bulgarian Split Squats 1x15: 30
*B1) Hanging Leg Raises 1x20: BW
*B2) Paused Pull-ups 1xmax: 15