Rolled to Jackson, MS. this weekend for a graduation. I woke up early and went to the basic gym with the most variety of equipment and it landed me in a place that I showed up during the geriatric hour. Everyone in there had bright white hair, cotton shorts that were not long enough and hunched backs, but we are not at planet fitness so I'm not judging.

Training today was literally less than a pump session, I had a medium close grip followed by a light incline bench. The rest of my accessories consisted of once set and moderate to high reps (as you will see below). The entertainment has not yet arrived though!

Enter mid life crisis man, this dude was late 30's to early 40's and had a very impressive dad bod closer to the overweight side of the spectrum. As I start warming up for bench he hops on the bench next to me and throws a plate on right away and rep's it out with one foot up and one foot on the ground like he is relaxing, this is very comical to me but I mind my thoughts and keep warming up. Finally, make it to my working sets (only 215) and this dude throws on another plate, after talking to the rest of the old folks for about 10-15 min, hops on the bench and starts going to town. By rep three he is loud enough to make it through my headphones, rep 6 he is hollering, and by rep 12+ I thought this idiot was having an orgasm or being murdered. I could no longer hear my music and sat there staring almost with my jaw on the floor from how annoyed I was, it was a self-reflecting moment when I had to say to myself, "fix your face" not to cause any confrontation with the loud mid life crisis himself.

I finished my one rep wonders very quickly after that and was gone into the cardio room, separate from the weights. Oddly enough that was the last of the yelping I heard for the day but entertaining none the less.

*Close Grip Bench 2x8: 215
*Incline Press 2x8: 195
*A1) DB Rolling Tricep Extensions 1x20: 25
*A2) 2 way Felt. Raises (Pause) 1x10: 15
*B1) Cable Curls (Slow Eccentric) 1x20: could not see weight
*B2) DB Flys (slow eccentric) 1x25: 25