That's right folks Today is the last day in these dang Oly shoes and then I'm going to throw them out!!! Yet again I felt like I was trying to hold my breath until I passed out during these "forever" sets, seriously thats roughly 48 seconds of holding your breath PER SET. For you daring type try doing it with an elevation mask on, and record it and share ... I need some entertainment.

Day 2
High Bar, Heels, 3-5’s Eccentric + Pause 5x8: 320
Bench, Close Grip, 3-5’s Eccentric + Pause 6x5: 245
A1) DB Chest Supported Row (Pause) 4x10: 35
A2) 2-Way Delt. Raise + Pause 4x6: 15
B1) Cable Curls (Slow Eccentric) 4x8: 110
B2) DB Flys (Slow Eccentric) 4x10: 30