Been dealing with intense bicep tendonitis due to a mishap using the boomstick. Had it rolled on my fore arm and then bicep (which we usually do not do) and it ended up backfiring. This was done tuesday and i am still struggling today. I basically had to cut my workout in half, was unable to do lifts without a lot of pain so this is what was salvaged for training.

Incline Press 5x5: 275 – 275 – 275 – BAIL (Bicep pain)
A1) Bench, Close Grip, Double Red minis 4x8: 175 – 175 - BAIL (PAIN)
A2) Pendlay Rows (50%) 5x10: BAIL - (PAIN)
B1) Tricep Push Downs (Slow Eccentric) 4x10: 100
B2) Single Arm DB Row. 3’s Pause) 4x10: 50
B3) Seated DB Curls 4x10: BAIL - (PAIN)