Thats right, after having adductor issues and getting some help from teammate Jason Colley, I really started to reflect back on what Murph mentioned to me a few months ago in a conversation we had concerning one of his deadlift tip videos. I also started watching how some of the top sumo pullers are doing things and I came to the conclusion that my stance needed to be tweaked. I should not be having to adjust my set up to minimize pain that is a red flag. My setup should not cause ANY pain if I am doing it properly, so what did I change? Well, it goes something like this, in this order:

- moved stance in about 1 inch total (1/2 each foot)
- internally rotated feet so I could "root" or externally rotate harder - Murph
- focused on Chris Duffins suggested foot grappling (one cue was "eagle claw")
- setting my lats more efficiently without going into spinal extension to do it - also Duffin

After implementing these things I found myself being more patient, the bar stayed closer to me more consistently and I ended in a better lockout position.