Dbl bench 20/40/60/80/90x15
Rolling dbl tri ext 40 4x15
Dumbbell lateral raises 30 3x15

Standing fat bar pulldowns to sternum 50/90/110x10 140x15x12x10x7
Neutral grip pullups bw x6x6x5
Ez bar culs 60 5x10

Aridyne 20 minutes
Planks 5x30 seconds

Airdyne 20 minutes

Shoulder saver bench with legs up 405/425x5
JM press 135x10, 185 2x15
Band reverse flyes 3x15
Under hand pulldowns 20 x25x15x10

V-Bar pulldowns - I don't remember how many and it's not important anyway
Overhand pullups bw x4x4x4
Dbl hammer curls 20/30/40/50x10

Airdyne 20 minutes
Planks 30 seconds 5x10

I'm bored with training. Watching and hearing about other people lift on social media is actually getting me jealous. I'm tired of this healing process crap. However, I will stick with doing work. It's just a rut I'm sure I'll work myself out of as soon as I can train with some f'ing intensity. Not much more to add.