American Cambered Neutral Grip Bar

Train through the deepest sticking points!

  • Excellent for all types of pressing and rowing movements
  • Increase or decrease the range of motion in the bench and row
  • It fits standard racks!
  • Four grip positions to rotate


Limit - One Bar Per Customer 

Typically ships in 1-3 business days

100 % of 100

American Cambered Neutral Grip Bar

We like to think we're really getting this whole "listening" concept down. 

The standard American Cambered Grip Bar was a wild success - with a solid amount of social media shares, thousands of comments, and a couple solid 5 star reviews.  We gave ourselves a pat on the back.. but we weren't done. As with most elitefts products, our team of engineers proposed the idea of tweaking things in accordance with our customer's wants. and well.. what we came up with is what you see above. 

Now, the American Cambered Neutral Grip Bar is even more effective at completely blasting your triceps - forcing a much tighter elbow tuck than the American Cambered Grip Bar.  

As with it's older brother:

1. Rolling is completely eliminated. With two rails that allow for multiple neutral grips, any rolling on the chest is virtually impossible - making the movement safer for the user.

2.  The American Cambered Neutral Grip Bar can easily be used in reverse, thus creating a 2" decrease in the range of motion. This equates to a 1.5-board

3.  Rowing with this bar allows for a two extra inches in the range of motion - creating a harder contraction.  

  • Bar weighs 38lbs. 
  • Fits standard racks - rackable space between 39.5" and 50.5". 
  • Does not accept spring collars - only collars intended for specialty bars should be used. We suggest the Croc Lock or Boa Bar Clamp

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