20 Minutes to Success: Winning Mental Strategies for Sports and Life

I’ve got an awesome interview for you today that has four simple techniques to bring your mental game to a new level.
My good friend Cheryl Campo and TeamTPS lifter sat with me last week to get this done. We both feel it will help the women tremendously and we also hope the men give the four simple techniques a shot.
Here’s some highlights of what you can expect:



  • 00:49: What is the video about and who is it for
  • 1:40: Chery’s bio
  • 4:00: “The” Quote that changed things
  • 5:50: Her first Powerlifting lesson
  • 7:00: The Four Simple Tips-the beginning
  • 8:37: An 8th and a lesson for parents
  • 10:00: Clear your mind
  • 10:37: The 1st Affirmation
  • 11:30: Murph’s coaching tip
  • 12:58: The 2nd Affirmation
  • 14:00: The 3rd Affirmation
  • 16:45: The 4th Affirmation
  • 19:00: Nerves as you get close to the meet
  • 20:20: Cheryl gives a great example of how this has helped
  • 21:45: Cheryl’s RPS World Record Pull in her class
  • 22:58: Review
  • 23:30: Murph gets hypnotized?




Watch the WHOLE video here and share it with someone you think it might help.





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C.J. Murphy

July 28, 2020


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