The Best Ab Exercise Ever?

Is the Deadbug the best ab exercise ever?

But it is excellent for many reasons.
Deadbugs are excellent because the do more than just strengthens your abs, they teach you how to use them while lifting BIG weight.
Deadbugs are one of the best tools we have to teach proper bracing, and how to breath while you brace.
Remember kids, you should be able to breathe and brace at the same time!
In this video from, my trusty assistant Candace and I teach you how to do them properly.



Don’t underestimate the value of adding these in to your program.

Improving your ab strength and your bracing skills will lead to bigger lifts and a lower risk of injury.
Deadbugs for the win.





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C.J. Murphy

July 23, 2020

Total Performance Sports


Music in video WITH PERMISSION: The Bruisers 

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