Old Man Conjugate: 3rd Man In Quads

If you read my logs you know I haven’t been able to train the lower body much. No squats, no deadlifts, no leg presses.
It’s frustrating.
But in the spirit of my Old Man Conjugate-More of what you can do, less of what you can’t, I put my thinking cap on yesterday because my massage therapist told me that there is a very noticeable loss of muscle mass in my left leg.
I knew this but I didn’t realize the severity.
I was thinking of what I could do and the thought of the Power Runner came into my head.
I KNEW I could use that.
But I sold it because we didn’t have the space for it when we moved, and I have regretted it since I took the pile of cash I got for it.
Leg presses are out for me due to the seated position and the pressure on my hip.

The Power Runner has you in a suspended position that mimics a sprint with no hip flexion. To use it properly, you must keep your hips locked and only bend the knee.





Since bending the knee (for exercise) is not an issue, I tried to come up with a way to mimic the Power Runner movement without a machine.
I put my redneck engineering skills to work and came up with what you see in the video.


It's a brand new exercise  and I have never seen it before.

Hopefully I made it up.

I probably didn't, someone must have done this before me, but until I hear otherwise, I'm taking the credit.




Cool note on the rack in the video.

It's was a gift from Dr. Squat: Fred Hatfield. It was his personal rack from his  house. 

Fred gave it to me about 17 or 18 years ago and I'll keep it forever.  It's a piece of   Powerlifting history.

The 3rd Man In  really mimics the movement of the Power Runner as much as I could and it allowed me to destroy my legs for the first time in what seems like years.
It smashes your quads and forces you to keep your abs tight, not as tight as the Power Runner does, but it’s the best I could come up with yesterday.



  • If you drive through the toe into the band it puts the tension more on the quad.
  • If you drive into the band through the whole foot, you get the full leg with a lot of quad.

And if you have the mobility, which I don’t, use a fuller range of motion.

I need a name for it.

So far I have:


  • Banded Quad Pushdowns-simple and descriptive
  • Stompers-self explanatory
  • Or my favorite- 3rd Man in-you know the 3rd man in, he’s the assshole that stomps someone after his friends beat the shit out of him. Funny name, awful person.

Help me out and leave a comment with a great name for this exercise.

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C.J. Murphy

July 16, 2020


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