Murph's Top 5 Things to Get When Coming Back to Training After a Layoff

Most of you have either been off training for a while now, or doing stuff at home with body weight and bands, unless you are lucky enough to have a home gym.   And you are either just getting back in the gym  or are about to.
You’ve probably been sitting in a shitty position hunched over your laptop working instead of at a proper desk too.
As we get back to a more “normal” lifestyle gyms are opening, people are getting outside and I’ll bet you don’t feel as mobile or as fit as you were before the government lockdown.
I’ve selected 5 products I think you already should have, but if you don’t you probably should get budget allowing. I’m even going to tell you why.
The first two are to address your posture, specifically your upper back and shoulder girdle.
When sitting for long periods we tend to round the shoulders forward in a hunched position and after a while, it begins your be your normal posture. And it’s not good for you!
We need to upright, open and mobile through the shoulder girdle. These two address that effectively.


cj murphy Murphs top 5 things



This is a Made in USA product that gently reminds you to correct your posture by keeping your chest up and open. All you need to do is wear it.
It’s great to use while sitting at your desk!
I like it during warm up sets to remind me to keep my t spine where it is supposed to be.



Another Made in USA item!
Duffin hit the mark with this tool.
Swing it around and watch your shoulder mobility improve instantly. It’s awesome for prehab/rehab too.
And it can also be used to improve GPP and conditioning. Add it in to a circuit for 20 or so reps each side and watch the heart rate spike.
You can leverage with it for grip and wrist strength.


top 5 things , cj murphy



As we have probably been sitting a lot more than usual, I’ll bet those calves are tighter than usual.
Sure, you can stretch them without a tool but if you’ve ever used the Pro Stretch, you’ll understand why I listed it.
A bonus use is that the Pro Stretch puts you in a perfect position for Plantar Fasciitis stretches. I use mine every day.


long ab strap



You know I am not making a list without this on it.
The Long Ab Strap needs to be in every gym and every training bag.
It is the single most versatile and useful strap I have ever used, and I almost never use it for abs.
As it relates to our list of maladies seen due to lockdown, the Long Ab Strap is ideal for all sorts of face pulls and rows to help correct your upper back strength and posture.
It’s uses are too versatile to list them all. Use your imagination.
And it will last forever. I’ve got a few of the first ones Spud ever made at the gym and they are over a decade old and get used every day all day with no signs of wearing out.

made in usa
Bonus: Made in USA



cheap bastard sled cj murphy, top 5 things


We all know the benefits of sled dragging, but many of you don’t have space for one.
And with us being able to get outside you have no excuse to NOT have a sled now.
The Cheap Bastard Sled is small and light but almost indestructible. Add 25 or 50 pounds and get moving.
Do rows, forward and backward drags, presses, ankle drags, pull throughs and more for 15 or 20 minutes on some grass and you’ll feel awesome.
I keep one in the bed of my truck and use it at the park next to my house. If I can, you can.
Sled Dragging makes everything better.
Bonus: Made in USA


There you have my list of the Top 5 Things to Get When Coming Back to Training After a Layoff.

Add this stuff in to your post lockdown training and feel better, move better and get back to your “normal” self quick.
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C.J. Murphy

July 9, 2020



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