I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cringed watching people start the overhead press from the position shown in the picture above.

How many times I’ve cringed at seeing people catch a clean in the same manner.
First off, it’s just not a good start position and as the old coaches say, you can’t finish right if you don’t start right.
Starting an overhead press (or catching a clean) with your forearms vertical as illustrated is very common, and can be very dangerous.
It also limits the amount of weight you can press and forces you into an even worse position as you finish the press.
Starting your press with your forearms vertical puts a ton of pressure on your shoulder capsule and can lead to injury either right away, or over time.

I’m not going to get into all the anatomy of the shoulder and why this is bad, let’s just say it is less than optimal, and if you wanted to be less than optimal you wouldn’t be reading this site.


Starting the press in this position also forces you into bad positions as you progress through the lift usually leading to finishing with your back over-arched and you leaning backwards increasing the force placed on the lower back/spine area.
Ideally you would start your press in the position shown below.


60 Second Fix: Overhead Press and Clean with Video;

Nice Rack




This allow you to take full advantage of your traps and upper back to move the weight and puts your shoulder girdle in a safe starting position.
The problem in many people lack the flexibility to get here.
A lot of the time it is tight pecs, lats and triceps.


I’ve got a 60 Second Fix for your Overhead Press and Clean catch below.





I suggest that you do the two drills listed in the video before your first warmup set and for a few more as you go along.
The Acumobility balls will be used on tender areas in the pecs for 5-10 movements at 3-5 spots along the pec line starting at the sternum and moving to the armpit.
The tricep/lat stretch will be held for a 10-15 count on each arm.

No more.


Start the tricep stretch with a mini band, and if it's not enough, go to a light band.

That should be plenty.
Make note of your start position with an empty bar and then get to work.
It takes about 60 seconds to do both.
If you’re lucky, one time is enough.
Feel free to do it a few times between sets.
I am willing to bet that you’ll be in a much better position when you get to your working sets.

That’s all I have for you now. I have to get on a plane for APF Equipped Nationals in Jacksonville.
Jane “The World’s Strongest Granny” Stabile is lifting and I’ll be there with her.
I’ll probably have a beer or 10 with Spud while I’m there too.

Thanks for reading.

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