I’ve got a 60 second Quick Fix for your Overhead Press today. Really, the video is only 60 seconds and will add pounds to your Overhead Press and longevity to your shoulders.

The press gets a bad rap as bad for your shoulders and nothing could be further from the truth. Any exercise is bad when done wrong! And the press is done wrong more than right, hence, the bad rap.

The internet wizards who bandy on that pressing is bad for your shoulders simply don’t know how to do it properly.

When you press there is a lot of pressure on your shoulder girdle if you start and lower it wrong. There is very little (harmful) stress if you do it right, and if you do it right, it builds huge, strong shoulders. Cannonballs even.



When you press it is very important to start with upward pressure on your elbows and initiate the movement from your traps. It is just as important to lower it in the reverse order you lifted it, with the elbows high.

How high?

As high as you can get them.

How high is that?

It’s different for everyone due to limb length and mobility. But, as explained in the video, what is most important is upward pressure on the elbows. Doing this takes pressure off the shoulder capsule instead of grinding away at it.

Watch the 60 Second Quick Fix video below and add the press in to your training. It will boost your bench and everything else. Plus, a big overhead press is just cool as shit.


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C.J. Murphy

August 12, 2021

Total Performance Sports