Autism Awareness Month


I hate to admit this, but I feel bad about it. With all that’s going on, I forgot it’s Autism Awareness Month. ⁣

I’ll cut to the chase and say I just placed our Free Autism Fitness eBook authored by Sheena Leedham.  Actually, I just placed 8 Free eBooks HERE ... free, meaning no login, no email ask, no anything. For Real. Free.⁣

I know there are many people out there who are struggling a lot, and everyone is dealing with uncertainty right now. While I personally always prepare for the worse, I ALWAYS hope and work for the best. ⁣

I do control those things that I can but also realize most things are out of my control. With this said, I can use my position to provide hundreds of pages of free content to help others pass the time and increase their training knowledge while all this plays out. ⁣

I can also bring awareness to autism if even just for a moment in time or one day. ⁣

If you know any parents that have children on the spectrum, please reach out to them because I can assure you, many of these kids are struggling with digital schooling and their parents, while doing the best they can, are... well... they know. ⁣

This doesn’t make their struggle any worse than others' parents dealing with the same, so it’s kind of hard to say what I’m trying to.⁣

I guess it’s just a weird time for this, but it’s important, and it’s important to me and many others who I’m sure have forgotten as well. ⁣

I just can’t let the month pass without making note that it is Autism Awareness Month. ⁣

Maybe this is why it’s called "Awareness."⁣



Defining Autism — Beyond the Label

Beyond the Label explores the link between a physically healthy lifestyle and a state of emotional well-being. It demonstrates the impact that healthy physical activity can have on a person's life — particularly an individual on the autism spectrum. It explores questions such as; What does the autism label mean? Does it help or hurt the child? How do parents work with their child if they are on the autism spectrum? And what does all of this have to do with strength training and fitness?




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