Where have I been? It's a good question that has no great answer. But, i will do my best to cover this question and let you guys know why I'm so hard to find.

I haven't posted since November and life has been crazy. Not so crazy that I "couldn't" lift or post but I didn't post and I did train from time to time. Too sporadic to even state here.

How I run my life:

I am one of those individuals that actually looks at their priorities in life and can list them top to bottom. Priorities are ever evolving and change throughout life depending upon your situation and really who you are.

Here are where my priorities lie:

  1. Family - Wife and son, then father, mother, brother(in no particular order there)
  2. Work - Any and all aspects, especially being the director of a division I program
  3. Whatever else I have time for when it doesn't not negatively effect the above(this changes on a daily basis)

This has been where I've been for awhile now. Family will always come first, work second, and everything else after(including me). This is why you have not heard from me.

For a year my wife and I were trying to get pregnant(her first, my second). That came to fruition last October. Now, during that time(in the Fall) I'm always slammed with Football(in-season). So I told myself I would get started training after football was done. Well, the season ended and our head coach was relieved of his duties(as well as the rest of the staff). This left me in a tough situation of having a new guy coming in and not knowing what was to happen.

Now, on top of that we were finishing up getting the kids out from winter break and hiring a new staff member to strength and conditioning(I forgot to mention that I was a 1 man show the entire Fall, no assistant at all).

Now with assistant hired and kids gone, I might have time to get back at it, at least answer questions...well not really. I did get some training in but my stress and focus was still high so I did not get done what I needed to. No Excuses.

January rolls around with holiday's done and travel(I got to take one day off...yay), a new coach is hired and we are getting things lined up. Well, during this time we decide it's time to move into a bigger place with the family growing in size. So, now I have to get everything packed, clean one house, move everything myself(got help once for 1 hour), and clean the new house we just moved into(it was a pit). Also, wrote up the WEP for football we will be starting tomorrow morning and we got that done in less that 3 days, during that time my son had strep. Needless to say I'm glad I got my new assistant. She did a bang up job.

Now that son is healthy, moving is done, WEP is done, Wife is healthy with our soon to be born(19 weeks actually) baby boy(Brody Charles), I can start to focus(at least today) on some training.

I do not intend this to fish for sympathy, it's life and life comes at you sometimes. Everyone is healthy, happy, and I have a job...for now. I really do focus on the positives. I just wanted to explain that what comes first to me is my family and we had a lot of family things going on. Second for me if work cause it takes care of my family and I have a passion for what I do; I really do put everything in front of my own wants. I need my family to be taken care of and my work. I want to train but only if it doesn't mess with 1 or 2.

Now there is a balance to be had and everything can be acquired...I know this. I haven't been as focused on training and that is on me. I chose that and have been good with it. And now I am choosing to get back into it FOR my family and my work as well. I've gotten out of shape and my energy has been crap. I'm to obese for my liking and I need to get my butt back at it.

I look forward to renewing this log and hopefully providing information to you guys on a more regular basis, especially as it pertains to sport. My personal goals for training are not world records, right now I need to get back into shape and healthy.

Please ask questions about anything you want.