Bigger Back, Bigger Bench with One New Exercise Variation


Having a strong back is one of the “secrets” to a huge bench press.
It also looks awesome in a t shirt.
What if I told you that you can get both with one new exercise variation?
That get your attention?
I stumbled upon this the other day while doing high cable rows with the Made in USA Tsunami Bar Pulldown Bar.



tsunami pulldown



I love this bar because the flex seems to allow you to contract your lats more efficiently.
As was doing my rows, I thought of an article I wrote in 2016 on 5 Tips for a Bigger Bench.

The 5 tips were:


  • Drag It
  • Stretch It
  • Shorten It
  • Meet It
  • Smash It

This one new variation on a cable row covers 3 of them.
4 if you really want to be a badass.
The 3 it really hits are:


  • Drag it
  • Shorten it
  • Meet it

I added in an Orlando Barbell Power Loop and that really helped me Stretch it.







It’s a pretty simple exercise that combines 3 movements:


  • Straight Arm Pulldown-this helps the Drag It part and lat engagement
  • Scapular Retraction-this is Shorten It
  • Meet it-as you row the bar low to the chest/belly, push your belly up to meet it.
  • Adding the Power Loop will make Stretching It more effective.


I suggest mastering the 3 separate steps before adding the Stretch it.
For clarification, I made a sweet video.
Watch it.
Do it.


 Watch the video on   how to get a

Bigger Back, Bigger Bench with One New Exercise Variation below.



This One New Exercise Variation really smokes your lats!

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C.J. Murphy

October 8, 2020

Total Performance Sports

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