Change of Plans: I took a second and did something different.

I had a long log written to post yesterday and read it, re read it and decided that in today’s climate, someone would have found a way to take offense and decided to scrap it.
So, instead you are getting this.


I took advice that my most trusted advisor and girlfriend Sabra gives me all the time.




I’ll paraphrase.

Take a second and think.

Don’t just react.


While this Coach Log was in my  queue for a long time, now was not the right time for it.
Yes, I have a queue. I keep a document of about 20-30 topics to write about.
My original topic could have been deemed offensive if you were to truly streeeeetch it and apply it to the current events we have going on now, even though it was simply about something 100% unrelated to anything political or even social. It was about training.
Anyway, I took a second.

I thought.

I didn’t post it.
And, I came up with this.
Some excellent advice that was given to me, I am giving to you.

A lot of things can be made worse if you react without thinking.


Sometimes, most times, taking a second and thinking about how you react, or what you will say is best.



It’s something I’ve been personally working on for a while and seems to be helping me.
I hope it helps you.


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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

June 19, 2020


Total Performance Sports

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