It Has Come To An End


For better or worse, the greatest interview series in the history of interviews is coming to a close.
Everything must at some point.

In the final installment Dave Kirschen and I rapid fire Dave’s Top Five Tips for the Older Lifter.

Listen up younger lifters, this can benefit you too!


  • 00:52: Why these tips will help younger lifters
  • 01:12: Patience and its different meanings
  • 02:20: Listen to your body
  • 03:10: Tips for both-have a lot of contact with and older lifters & young lifters
  • 03:56: It’s just lifting weights
  • 05:00: Nutrition is soooo important
  • 05:45: Reduce training or increase recovery
  • 06:30: Objectivity- “A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations”, Dirty Harry
  • 08:05: Tiny Hands & 80%
  • 09:35: More reps

Please enjoy the video below.





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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

June 12, 2020


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