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This is a great reward for your athletes. Typically we try to pick movements that they are not very good at in an effort to make them bring up weak pints. Every three weeks or so it's a good idea to throw them a bone. They will love it and this will help with buy in. It will also help them wrap their minds around some numbers they may not grasp otherwise. -

General rules:
- this should not exceed your normal bench by more than 10%
- 200lb or less bencher- mini bands
- 200-300lbs - light bands
- 315 and up average bands

You will have to experiment with your set up so that when the bar is in the top there is very little pull on the bar. Exact tensions of pull are not important, just follow the 10% rule. Also be consistent so you can track your athlete's progress. -

Benching cues:
- 'stomach up' squeeze back
- pressure into floor w/ feet
- bar over stomach not face
- break at the 'elbows first'
- 'pull bar apart' as you lower it
- push 'stomach up'
- 'press feet' in floor to start press
- 'punch hands' to press
- 'squeeze' to finish
Press the bar in a straight line. This helps keep the load in your lats and arms not your shoulders and pecs. For me, I almost have to press the bar towards my feet to get this right. For years I would let my elbows flip out and throw the bar back over my face and that's why my shoulders are trash now. Benching isn't bad for your shoulders, bad benching is!

Add this variation in as a little reward for your athletes every third week or so, odds are they've probably earned it!