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This is typically done as a supplemental or second barbell exercise on our max effort lower body days. These movements are usually done for 3-4 sets of 3-8 reps. This movement should be challenging but don't destroy yourself with it, you just did 'max' effort on the previous movement. I usually try to do something with an opposite stance of my max effort movement. On this day we did a sumo pull off these same blocks, therefore our second exercise was a close stance variation. BE STRONG AT ALL ANGLES.

To find foot placement, march in place without looking at your feet. That's how wide your feet should be on these. My index finger is on the ring you'll have to adjust depending on your height. The main thing is your hands are out wider than you're used to so you get more upper back involved. Drop your butt down only as low as you have to get a comfortable position. A good position will allow you to feel like you could leg press the weight off the floor. While you're dropping your hips ROLL YOUR KNEES OUT! I see this messed up all the time. This allows your hips to get in a better position and helps you use them. Fill your stomach up with air. Look up. Now, to lift the bar squat up and drive your shoulders back at the same time. If you get this timing down right you'll achieve the mythical glut firing patterns that everyone's after these days. Most peoples hips will raise first then their shoulder. If this is the case cue them to pull back sooner. Watch my knees roll out on the way down after each rep. This will allow your glutes to work. Pulling off the blocks will take some of the leg drive out of the movement so we are forced to use more hamstrings and back.