How to Do the Hatfield Squat

Hi everyone!

My friend and Elitefts Teammate, Anne Sheehan needed some help learning how to properly do the Hatfield Squat with the Elitefts Yoke Bar.

We decided to do a personal training session on Zoom and teach her how.
And we thought we might as well post it so you can benefit too!


The Hatfield Squat, when done as Doctor Fred Hatfield taught it is one of the best exercises for strength and hypertrophy around, but I see it done poorly on the social media all the time.
The main issue is that I see people using a normal squat pattern or a box squat pattern.
While both of these exercises are excellent, they are not a Hatfield Squat.

The Hatfield Squat has its own unique form and technique.

I was fortunate enough to  be friends with and to have been mentored by Dr. Hatfield, and he taught me how to do the exercise properly in my own gym!

I’ll tell you, learning things from a legend and visionary in our field was a huge honor.

So was being his friend.



When performing a Hatfield Squat, we are looking for a 90 degree angle in the ankle, knee and hip for maximum benefit.


Keeping the joints at these angles minimizes harmful shear force on the lumbar spine and knee while providing a massive shock to your quads. And doing them with the Elitefts Yoke bar makes it more effective because it is the BEST Safety Squat bar made.





Take a few minutes and watch in real time how we progress Annie from not knowing how to do it all the way to nailing it.


And, look out for more of these. We are taking requests if there is an exercise with the Yoke bar you want to learn to do. Since we both have some free time during the Covid 19 lockdown, and Annie has a home gym, we will get more informative content produced for you.






Let us know what you would like to see!

Watch the video below.







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C.J. Murphy

May 8, 2020


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