Whiskey with Dave Kirschen Part 4

Welcome back to Part 4 of Whiskey with Kirschen.

Once again, the video ghosts caused BAD video, but the audio is great, and so is the content.

In this episode I sit with my good friend and former Elitefts teammate, Dave Kirschen and we talk about:


Buy Dave's book here. Buy Dave's book here.




  • 1:45: What is Conjugate Powerlifting training?

  • 2:45: What does it mean to you?

  • 3:29: Unmuscular sack of shit?

  • 4:10: Keeping the Leash on/benefits for younger lifters.

  • 5:25: The SECRET of Conjugate training.

  • 6:15: Furry Dave flexes in his underpants

  • 6:45: You don’t know how to eat and how to train.

  • 7:10: Powerlifting Program hopping

  • 9:00: Why don’t I program Conjugate in my Groups?





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C.J. Murphy

May 1, 2020

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