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Sunday - I trained chesty consisting of some of this and some of that but will not worry about posting as I just trained chest again today and will post that one.


Monday - off


Tuesday - Back

The will be awesome to post as Alexander already wrote it all so I am going to use his post to note what we did.

Workout details and photo courtesy of Alexander Juan Cortes

Meadows Rows

Warm-up: 3 sets

Work: 4 working sets

*Played around with foot position to specifically target the lower lats and insertion. Topped out at about 10 reps per set, super strict with a paused contraction at the top.

Swiss Bar Pulldowns

Warm-up: 2-3 sets

Work: 2-3 sets

*John and Dave hammered Andrew on his mid traps and spinal erectors with these (how to lean back at just the right angle) and create a dead center contraction. John and Dave decided to work this area especially hard as Andrew had never emphasized that portion of his back.

T-bar Row

Work: 4 sets

Prone Shrugs

Work: 4 sets

*These were uniquely challenging, as your subscaps and rhomboids burn out surprisingly fast when you shrug "back" and not up. Setup is key, as it's easy to turn this into a trap movement without realizing it.

Chest Supported Rack Scraper Rows with the Cambered Bar

Work: 4-5 total sets

*Added weight with plates and quarters till we couldn't get a good contraction.

Standing Pullovers with a Double Grip on a Grenade

Superset with

Standing Pulldowns using a 45-degree Angle

Work: 3 sets 10-15 reps each

*The pre-exhaust from the pullovers forced the teres major and minor and mid back to do more work.

Seated Supinated Curls

Superset with

Standing Barbells Curls

Work: 3 sets

*The emphasis with these was the lower biceps, so we can move the DB path strict while only performing 1/2 reps on the barbell curls. After 3 sets we'd charged through about 70 or so reps pretty fast.

John finished us off with a forced rep and a 10-second isohold to cramp the entire bicep up completely.

Total Work: 24-25 sets for back and 8 sets for biceps

Let it be said that Dave complained about the curls the entire time and insisted they are a nonfunctional movement.



Wednesday - Chest

* Trained with John Meadows, Ken Jackson and Andrew Hudson - 2 IFBB Pro's and one wanna-be IFBB Pro - LOL - sorry John you know I have to get that dig in when-ever I can.

Dumbbell Presses on Slight Incline
* Starting at 40 pound dumbbells I made 10 pound jumps until I got to 110-115 for 10 reps. Not sure it is was 110 or 115 for the last set. Ken worked up to 175 for close to 30 reps.


Incline Press with Shoulder Saver Bar
* Using sets of 5-6 reps worked up to 2 plate and a dime per side for 6 reps. Not close to my best but its getting better each week (again)

Ken worked up to 4 plates:


Elitefts Gym Video of the Day #elitefts #shouldersaver #kenjackson

A video posted by Dave Tate (@underthebar) on


 I told you all before this guy was one the strongest pressers I've ever seen.    


Cambered Bar Bench Presses * A few warm up sets and then progressive sets of 8 reps working up to 225. Used a very slow temp and tight contraction.  


Chain Flies * 4 sets 10-15 (to failure)

Elitefts Gym Video of the Day #elitefts #mountiandogdiet #driven #stronger #chains A video posted by Dave Tate (@underthebar) on

Leg Day tomorrow. I will try to keep up my log the best I can but with the Arnold Classic going on I have multiple meeting per day and my calendar is packed.

I do want to thank EVERYONE associated with the sport training summit last weekend. This was a great event and it was great to meet new friends and re-visit with old ones.

I have been told twice now that Bacon Donuts kick ass! I saw one last weekend and it grossed me out. Now I kinda wish I ate one. Who would have guessed?