Mashed Up Meathead Leg Day

My training History: I trained less than one year before competing in my first powerlifting meet as a teenager back in 1983. Before leaving the sport in 2005 I achieved my elitefts status in the 198,220,242,275 & 308 weight class. Throughout these years I did have a 3 year run in the bodybuilding world. Loved the training didn't like the competing aspect so I went back to my first love, powerlifting. Injuries have been a part of my life ever since I can remember and were the biggest reason for leaving the sport (I can no longer hold a squat bar on my back). I have  degenerative joint disease and have had two shoulder surgeries (should now needs replaced), one full hip replacement, knee surgery, and some issues with pretty much every joint in my body. I can't even begin to list the number of muscle tears I have had, surgical and non surgical. I am "The Mashed Up Meathead" and this is my story. You can find my training log archives HERE.

Today's Leg Training


Seated Leg Curls 
* 8 warm up sets of 10 reps - ascending weight each set
* 6 work sets of 10-12 reps (1-2 reps shy of failure)
- For most of the training I do I use a controlled tempo. This allows for more time under tension but also keeps the weight lighter - thus lowering the joint stress. My concern is not strength but holding muscle as I bring my bodyfat back down.

Leg Press 
- the weight is not relevant as the odds you are using the same leg press as I are pretty low. Unless you own the best leg press ever made!   I will leave the plug for another time but it really is the best because I made sure it was.
* Warm up sets of 12 reps using 5 plates per side, then 6,7,8,9.
* work sets of 12 with 10,11 and 12 plates per side.

Squat Machine 
- We are using a squat machine John Meadows used to use back in the 80's. He found one used and it a piece of crap and each week it gets worse. We love the machine but it needs some serious upgrades and changes to be great. Once John's show is over we will begin fabricating a prototype based on how bad this one is (we have to hold it to make sure it doesn't move, we have to watch close to made sure when you lock the lever it actually does). What we have in mind will end up being nothing close to this but 100% better and safer. The other bad thing about it now is if you have any knee issues it will trash the hell out of them. I learned this the hard way so I keep the tempo very slow and do 1 and a quarter reps per set.
* 4 warm up sets of 8
* 5 work sets of 8
Leg Extensions 
* 4 work sets of 10-15 (to failure)

*Glute Presses and other things I do for my hips I hate to admit in a training log.


Stretch / Flex 

This is something I suggested John try as he is getting ready for a show and I know how this helped with my recovery from injury (because of blood flow). I figured it can't hurt and if his legs are already full of blood can we get more in there. We did and will keep this with his leg work to see how it pans out I already have the progression in mind. The key think is to not stretch to hard on the first round, ease into with each round. What you see is a third round and it was too much. 1-2 round is enough. How do I know it was to much. First John said so and his legs were way bigger after the first round.

The concept is to stretch the much and "open" it up to allow for more blood flow. Then stand (allows more blood flow) and flex to allow for even more.

This is NOT a good idea with my joint issues so I got to sit back and enjoy the pain on his face.


#graintrain #oldmancranking post quad training quad stretch for 10 seconds and then 10 flexes

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Post Training Notes: The gym is about to cross over to being so hot you can't breath. This will make from some interesting training sessions this summer. Time to bust the fans out and make sure they are circulating the air well.

My kids are now out of school for the summer. GREAT for the kids - SUCKS for the parents. haha .  This does have a big impact on my work and training schedule during the week. We do not have a Nanny and with one of my children on the Autism Spectrum babysitters are hard to find. I have one son that seriously needs to learn "work ethic" and the value of saving money. He will be spending many hours cleaning toilets and sweeping out the warehouse this summer. This is one thing my Dad did to me when I was my sons age and I hated it at the time but the lessons I learned still hold true today.

This time, every year, I say I will enjoy more of the summer. Then something happens and it's over before I know it. This year I am not going to let this happen again. If you are anything like this or this resonates with you in any way remember no matter what happens in training, business or any project you are doing. Your family matters most.

Don't tell them, show them. 


This just made my day! 


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