Last week I had the pleasure of journeying out to EliteFTS to train with the team. London, Ohio… No place you’d rather be in November.

I was able to get three great sessions in one of which was with the mountain dog himself, Mr. John Meadows. John made the drive-in and we had our sights set on an old school push-pull session.

Simple. Effective.

Here’s what the workout consisted of.


A1) Incline Dumbell Press: John and I both preferred a slight incline for this press  (~ 15 degrees) The plan was to make small jumps up to a top set to a failure somewhere in the 6-8 rep range.

B1) Dips: Notice the emphasis that John has on his torso position, really activating his core and keeping the pelvis underneath hip to keep maximal tension in the pecs. John did what John does and took it to another level by adding chains. The last set he turned into a drop, where I, staying bodyweight turned it into a cluster/rest-pause style set.

C1) Seated Cable Pec Fly: Late in the pressing portion of the session, the external stability of the seated chair allowed us to really open up and go to failure while staying strict, a standing variation this deep into a workout would, not have been able to keep that amount of tension on the pec. Considerations of when to utilize external stability should always be made as fatigue sets in.


A1: Trap Bar Row: John and I spent a few minutes finding the best trap bar that fit our shoulder width, the neutral handle positon allows for the lat to be a more dominant extender of the shoulder than if we were using the barbell. With the hinged position and the higher volume, this was a great opening back exercises that encompassed a little bit of everything.

B1: Lat Pull Down: We did 6 sets here, switching the handles every two sets, for a total of 3 variations. Using the medium grip Semi-supinated MAG, and rigging up some of our own personal favorites.

C1: Tbar Row: We finished off the session with a great modification of a T-bar row that John and Dave had cooked up. Pronated grip while elevated on a slight platform to allow for maximal stretch. We took this one past failure with a double drop to make sure we had nothing in the tank.

Check out the full session below!