Today I’m going to tell you about My Trip to EliteFTS this week. I’ve been there before and I’ll go there again, because It didn’t disappoint. Never does.

The weird part about this trip was that it was the first time I went there by myself. In the past there was something going on and a lot of the rest of the TEAM was there, or it was Arnold time. I was never at a loss for company or something to do.  This week was different. I discovered that there is absolutely nothing to do in London, Ohio!  

I flew out to London to go to the new Compound for an appearance on the Table Talk podcast.

Let me tell you, the new EliteFTS building/compound is pretty awesome! Dave and Tracy were fortunate enough to find a piece of land and build a brand new building designed exactly for their needs. As a friend, and fellow small business owner, I am very happy that they are no longer leasing property. Owning is where it is at.

I arrived in London on Sunday and checked into the best hotel they had, the Holiday Inn Express. Not so bad, I’ve stayed in worse. I figured that I’d take a drive over to the new spot now for a few reasons because:

1. There is nothing to do in London!

2. To make sure I knew how to get there tomorrow.

3. There is nothing to do in London.

Upon arrival I was lucky to see the AWESOME Sheena Leedham coming out.

Sheena is the Content Director and all around great human. She told me that Dave was in the gym and to go right in, so I did. I haven’t seen Dave in a while so I sat and talked him, Adam and Jacob for about two hours. Then my belly got to growlin’.

I asked Dave for the best steak house in town, and he made a great suggestion. I left to go eat and promptly forgot the name of the place as soon as I pulled out of the compound. Now you are probably saying, why didn’t you just call Dave and ask?

This is a perfectly reasonable thing to think, except you don’t know Dave.

He NEVER answers his phone, so why waste my time?

Instead, I decided to go the Waffle House.


1. It’s awesome.

2. It’s quick.

3. I was starving.

4. It’s always good.

4 great reasons. And, I said to myself, “Self, let’s hope it’s calm and quiet, because I really don’t feel like getting in a Waffle House fight.”

Sure as shit when I pulled up there two Ohio State Police cruisers in the parking lot arresting people.

Waffle House, you never disappoint.    

Day 2 of My Trip to EliteFTS

I woke up Monday and got an early start over to the Compound so I could visit with Matt and Ronda before I was scheduled to shoot content for the site.

C.J. Murphy, My Trip to Elitefts, Table Talk

I think the first thing I noticed when I walked in the lobby is that the desks are made up of sections of power racks.  Whoever came up with this idea is a super genius, and it is cool AF.

I noticed that my good buddy Ronda was hiding behind one of these AWESOME desks. Ronda is the one who keeps all the customers happy at EliteFTS. If you ever placed an order or called, she is the friendly person who made sure that you were satisfied.

The world needs more Ronda’s.

10:00 am came too soon and it was off to work in the gym. Sheena wrangled me up and we got down to shooting, what I feel is absolutely mediocre content.

Nah, just kidding. I think you all will like it. I’m not telling you what it is.

Finally, 1:00 pm was here and it was time for Table Talk to begin. I sat with Dave for over 4 1/2 hours!

I also made the mistake of telling all of my followers on the socials and friends in real life that we would be live at 1:00 pm.

We were not.

But, you can rest assured that my episode will be on in April.

We talked about a lot of stuff, and I hope you like it.  Let me know when it airs.

After we wrapped up, I figured we’d hang out a bit and probably grab a bite to eat. We always say the best conversations at seminars, meets, whatever is after the fact at dinner. Well, we never made it to dinner.

shop band packs

Dave and I started talking, almost pickup up where the podcast left off and we went until 9:00 pm! I think we should have had the camera on for a part 2. The best stuff was off camera!

Day 2 came to an end here because Dave had to go home and I had to go to bed. Early flight out Tuesday. Good thing there is nothing to do in London or I would have missed out.  

Day 3 of My Trip to EliteFTS

Pretty boring.

Woke up, showered, ate breakfast, drove to the airport.

But let me tell you, I was pretty shocked at Columbus Airport. “They” tell you to give yourself 2 hours to get through TSA. I got there 2 hours early, and there was not 1 person in line. I met a friendly an polite TSA worker who whisked me through security in under 2 minutes. Unlike the incomprehensibly ignorant TSA woman in Boston who screamed and shrieked at me and everyone else in line on Monday for taking our shoes off.

Yes, screamed and shrieked.

Please pardon me for taking my shoes off at the TSA checkpoint Mrs. Big Time Government Employee who has the right to yell at me like I am a scumbag. Perhaps you should tell people that this isn’t required because you use dogs to sniff for explosives instead of yelling at people.

Oh, guess how I knew about the dogs?

The nice TSA agent in Columbus told me. Then it was off to wait for 2 hours and be on my way home.

But, back on track with a final reflection on My Trip to EliteFTS.

I’m glad that I finally made it out for the podcast. I had a very good time doing it and it was actually pretty relaxing getting away from work.

I am also glad that I got to see Dave, Matty, Ronda and Sheena. They are all great people.

Here is the most important part.

  • I am honored and proud to be a part of Team EliteFTS. I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll probably say it a million more.
  • I am also honored to be able to call Dave a friend.
  • I hope that you all watch my episode of Table Talk.
  • Thanks for reading. I’m also honored that you all do.

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March 23, 2023

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