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THIS WEEK’S Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: NEW MEET, NEW TRAINING CYCLE


This Week’s Coaching Log:
The last few weeks have been filled with competitions, both powerlifting, with the APF Equipped Nationals and Strongman competitions for members of the lifting team. If you missed the logs pertaining to those events, here are the links to catch you up: Nationals prep.  Strongman prep.

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Now that the meets have ended, that means preparing for the opportunity to improve on the last meet at the next meet. The focus of this week’s coaching log is to emphasis the importance of that time prior to the next meet, but also prior to being in the full throws of the next training cycle.


You can throw all types of lifting vernacular at this phase of your training but the world of training programs is already far too full of jargon and the program verbiage du jour. That said, in plain and simple terms, prior to hitting the meet prep weights full force, the time prior to that is about slowing re-building your strength and conditioning. Conditioning being a very big part of this portion of that period of time, post meet and prior to full blow singles and doubles.

As training programs progress to heavier and heavier weights, conditioning can and does take a back seat and it is this period of time for the lifter that they get back to training that involves volume and conditioning. Case and point is this week’s video tutorial. This video features Big Steve Brock who just came off of the APF Nationals posting a massive 1,080LB squat, training with one of his training partners, Dan. Their training consisted of not only a lot of sets, but a lot of sets at a fairly quick pace (especially for a 308LB lifter). This video captures a glimpse of what was a long and exhaustive training session of deads followed by belt squat followed by accessory work. *You can follow all the M.G.G. training here: M.G.G. Training Videos

The movement was deadlift off a couple inch mats against light bands, one lifter following the other for a number of sets, then taking a mini-breather, then repeating the process. To add to this the Monster Garage Gym is a no frills powerlifting gym, so one of the conditioning factors is no conditioning, as in, no air-conditioning.

If you are a novice or intermediate level lifter, ask a successful elite lifter and they will tell you what you see posted on social media is not training, but highlight training. A great lifting program is not just max effort work, but a great deal of the work that leads down that road to max effort lifts and the meet. Remember, if you are following the big boys on the conjugate method, keep in mind, they are on that because they are already totaling elite. They have already put in the years and in some cases decades ‘under the bar’and they have trained with literally tons of the lighter weights as well as hours upon hours of conditioning work as well.

Strength and conditioning after a meet and before the heavy work starts is a crucial period of time and is somewhat sacred as the date of the meet is always fast approaching and missing your window of time to rebuild your foundation is a mistake you don’t want to make.

Check out the video and if you are just coming off a meet, invest the time in this early part of your post meet training. It will be an investment in the big lifts that come later and closer to the meet date.

Wishing all of our weekly coaching log readers the best in your training and competitions. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher, Owner: MONSTER GARAGE GYM

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