Powerbuilding: Week 3

Not my best week ever, but it had some bright spots. Stress outside of the gym really took its toll, and I think that's something worth addressing in an article next week. I know I'd be interested to hear how other people deal with bad workouts, so if you have any tricks, share them in the comments!

Monday: Bench/Deadlift Lockout & Arms
Very straightforward workout today, nothing crazy.  I’m saving my crazy for tomorrow...

Bench with Full Boar Slingshot

High rack pull with 10 second hold

Seated dumbbell curl with Fat Gripz
Concentration curl
Hammer curl with elitefts Strong Band
Reverse-grip pushdown
Bodyweight dip

Tuesday: Squat & Quads

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Had some serious stuff come up outside the gym on Monday night, and it put a damper on my training this week.  That’s totally on me, though.  You can’t control everything that comes at you in life, but you can always control your attitude towards it, and I failed to do that this week.

That said, still hit some good numbers.  My original plan was to squat 500x15 in sleeves, but then I decided to go for 20 because fuck it.  Ended up with only 14 sloppy reps, but that’s more than I’ve ever done before, so not a bad day.

Squat with sleeves

Squats for time with 225
Leg extension
Leg press
Wall sit

Thursday: Bench & Triceps
Still not my regular self, but not stressed about it either.  As long as you’re showing up, you’re still in the game.


Front Squat

Hammer Strength dip
Weighted dip

Friday: Shoulders & Calves
Finally back in the groove.  No powerlifts today, but I’ve had difficulty activating my shoulders since I started the bodybuilding work, and made some good progress on that today.

Machine lateral raise
Machine shoulder press
Rear delt flye
Dumbbell lateral raise
Hack squat calf raise

Saturday: Deadlift, Back, Hamstrings & Biceps

Deadlift strength is as good as ever, but grip strength is not holding up.  I’m wondering if the bar I’ve been using might be part of the problem -- I’m thinking about getting my hands on one of the beautiful sumo deadlift bars to see if that helps! In the meantime, I tried giving mixed grip a shot, but as of right now, my hook is still stronger -- just not strong enough.

Conventional deadlift
640x5 (no belt, straps)

Lying hamstring curl
One-arm lat pulldown
Two-arm lat pulldown
Hammer Strength seated row
Seated dumbbell curl
Hammer curl

Next week I'll begin meet prep for a USPA even next February. Can't wait!

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