In my last coach log, I detailed how I was going to add an extra high-carb day and I laid out in detail what those meals looked like.  

I got all excited and I got all distended after shoveling all of those rice/bean/chicken/feta/pineapple/pumpkin seed meals into my guts -- hating every single bite after the first meal only to baseline again at the same weight by the weekend.  In short, I ripped through all of those carbs like they were nothing.  Yay me.

Normally, I would be excited that I am taking in sooo many calories and staying lean as hell.  However, when you feel like you are running out of time to push the gains before my cutting phase starts in January, staying lean as hell isn't as exciting.  Kind of like one of those "grass is always greener" type scenarios, I guess.

So, I am going to go against my hatred for food and I'm pulling out all of the stops by making a hugely-aggressive change to my diet.  I have to.  So far, I have been just too conservative because I didn't want to overshoot my calories and then start to fatten up.  Clearly, it is very unlikely that I am going to add much fat at this point because every single diet change I have made (adding calories) since probably May, has resulted in very little scale weight gain, at all.  Sure, I have gotten stronger and I am still growing but it is minimal and I know it is because I simply am going to have to push calories HARD.

I do not want to do this, however.  Why?  BECAUSE I HATE STUFFING MYSELF AND FEELING DISTENDED ALL OF THE TIME. This is the EXACT reason that I got out of the size game years ago (well, one of the reasons).  I just HATE being full all of the time, choking down food and making myself miserable to gain muscle.  Bitch is, it is very clear that if I am not willing to do this, I am going to end up not making very good gains before the first of the year.

So, instead of detailing every single thing I am going to do, I am simply going to detail what I am ADDING to my nutrition plan.  If you want to see the original plan, it is in my last coach log from last week.

I am going to keep the 2 very high carb days on Wednesdays and Saturdays (my rest days from the gym) and I am keeping my Skipload on Sundays.  Those things won't change.

On top of that, I am also adding 40g of fat per day, 60g of carbs per day and 50g of protein per day for a total of roughly 750 calories extra per day on my 4 training days.  Now, this might not sound like a lot to some of you but to me this is huge.  I am already stuffed when it comes time for my next meal and this is exactly what I hated about gaining muscle years ago when I was competing all of the time.  Keep in mind that I used to get fat on only 70% of these calories and now I am lean as hell and can't seem to gain weight -- and I'm doing ZERO cardio now (haven't done cardio for a year).

If this doesn't add weight, I might be screwed, seriously.  It is going to be a massive chore to get this amount of food down, on top of 2 very high carb days and then a Skipload day on top of that.

The silver lining here is that I would have never thought I could build my metabolism to this level and it is kind of surprising -- even after doing what I do for all of these years.  I always thought I had a terrible metabolism but the reality is that I just needed time to build it -- methodically -- for well over 6 months, after getting very lean.  If you think your metabolism is horrible, we should probably talk because if I can do it with my shitty genetics, I can almost certainly do it for you, as well.  You just have to be patient and willing to invest the time.  Plus, you need to be 100% with your diet plan because 98% won't work.