I’m always playing with exercises and techniques to make them better in one way or another.
Better is subjective though.
Better for what?


  • strength
  • size
  • recovery
  • whatever

In this case, I was at the end of one of my torture session, I mean training sessions.
My coach loves to program in 50, 75, 100+ reps in a set, or to give me 3 or 4 exercises at 25 reps each.
I am pretty sure she is trying to kill me.
Or improve my weaknesses.
I haven’t decided yet.
Anyway, this day called for 100 band pushdowns in one set.
She’s on meth right?
I don’t do 100 reps in one session.
I figured I’d better use a mini band the first time I tried this just to make sure I’d get through.
As I started, I quickly realized that a mini band offered about zero pounds of resistance, and I was pretty sure I would crap out around 40 reps or so if I used a light band.

Since the goal was 100 nonstop I played around with making the mini band harder.
Obviously, you can just choke up on the band, but I set my hands up a little differently this time.

This One Small Tweak Will Kick Your Ass

This One Small Tweak Will Kick Your Ass: With How To Video

This One Small Tweak Will Kick Your Ass: With How To Video

This One Small Tweak Will Kick Your Ass: With How To Video

I looped my hands through the band, and then hooked my thumbs around it.
This left a strand of band in a straight line between my hands.
At the bottom of the pushdown, I decided to STRETCH the strand of band apart as far as I could.
This is pretty much the same as you would do with a rope and a cable like the bodybuilders do.
I stumbled on this and found it smoked my entire tricep.
I felt it in the whole muscle.
Now I am not going to say I invented this technique, but I haven’t seen it done with bands.
Surprisingly I made it through 100 reps, barely.
My tri’s were blown up like water balloons at the end.
That is the goal of these high reps sets.
Blow up the muscle, improve local muscular endurance and get a ton of blood in them.
Goal achieved.
My triceps were sore for about two days after too.
I love using bands and chains for accessory work because I feel it is easier on the joints.
This variation allowed me to really hammer my triceps and not feel beat up in my elbows the next day, which is how I usually feel.
I believe it aided in my ability to recover and will help build some muscle going forward.

Give them a shot and see what you think.




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