I hired a general manager 4 weeks ago and have been getting him trained up on all our systems. It's been like having 3 jobs lately to train him and to get all the normal stuff done as well.  He is a great guy with tons of experience and I feel over time he will be a great addition to our team.

Running a small business is not a small feat. Over the last 3.5yrs I have burned the candle at both ends. Hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time I feel like the light is almost here.

I am the weakest and fattest I have been in as long as I can remember.  My family life has been way less than one would hope and posting on Elitefts.com and giving back has been not where I want it either. But finally things are aligning to let me get back to doing all the things I love.

I think back to when Dave was really talking a lot about his blast or dust mentality and I feel that anyone who is successful must have that same mentality.  I have been blasting so hard on my business to make it successful that the other areas of my life haven't gotten the attention that I want them to have.

Now that things are up and running and my business is successful enough to where I have hired someone else to manage the daily operations for me, I can get back to blasting on things that truly make me happy.

I'm a simple guy and although we all need money to live, I don't need a lot to be happy. What makes me really happy is being able to train hard, spend time learning more and spend time teaching. My coaches are amazing and love to learn but even for them I have not been able to teach as much as I would want. I really realized it last week during our strength & conditioning meeting when Nic, who is my director of S & C, called me over and asked if I wanted to say anything about "testing strength vs. building strength".

I started with, "I don't have much to say" and then after talking for 30min without taking a breath I stopped and said "well I guess I do have a lot to say about that".  It was then that I realized that is what I love to do. To pass on the knowledge I have spent so much time acquiring. I haven't been able to do it but now that my general manager in place, I'm starting to be able to do it again. A prime example was about 15m into my rant in the meeting a client walked in with some questions that I normally would have to handle and my GM took care of it so I could continue to educate my staff.  This was such a great feeling, I can't even tell you.

So where does this leave me:

1. I have set up a "Tissue health and GPP" cycle of training. It will be 12 weeks long. The goal is simple, move better, condition my tissues and get in shape. In the middle of it I will be having surgery for my hernia and probably getting a vasectomy at the same time. ('Bout time I took the bullets out of this loaded gun.)

2.  I am setting up to speak at some clinics later this year, when that is finalized I will let everyone know where/when etc.

3. I will be posting REGULARLY about my training journey from burnt out business dude back to the beast in the weight room I love to be. I will also be posting a lot more on my business "adventure".  I really feel that for facilities that are real training facilities, not fufu "bootcamp" bullshit, that there isn't solid resources for how to run operations, get clients and be a profitable business. I have been lucky and found a solid formula so I don't want people to make the same mistakes I see so many other people making.

4. I am going to spend more time with my family. I will either do this or will be getting a divorce, so how's that for a pass/fail grade.

Well, that catches you up on where everything is. Overall, life is great. I feel blessed to be where I'm at and for the gifts god has given me, but don't feel I've been using those gifts to their fullest lately and have a plan to change that.