School started on Monday and we had staff meetings and we met as a strength staff...  There was no desire to train.  Plus, my Tuesday and Thursday schedule and schedule, overall, dictates it's much easier for me to train on these days.  So, that's what happened.


Bike: 30 minutes


  • FBB Press: 100x5/110x5/120x5
  • Hurdle-unders
  • FSL: 10x5@100
  • Pull-ups: 10x5
  • Prowler: 10 trips of 40 yards w/90lbs in 20 minutes


Walk around my neighborhood


  • Trap Bar: 195x5/225x5/255x5
  • KB Row: 5x10 w/70's
  • FSL: 10x5@195
  • Dips: 5x10
  • Curls: 5x10


Weight Vest walk around campus.  It's always enjoyable to get the weird looks when I walk with the vest on.