This week I’ve got an exercise I’ve been trying out for a few weeks before using it on anyone else.

I call it the Small Circle Fly.


I discovered it a few weeks back when I made a mistake on a set.

I was doing chain flyes with 3 chains per side and I set it up wrong.

I usually set it up so that the chain deload starts about halfway down, but this time I set the chains up too long.

The deload barely happened at all.

TPS Small Circle Fly

As I came up on the first rep it was pretty sketchy and my arms made small circles at the top trying to stabilize it. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy with 60 pounds of chain swinging around in each hand.

I decided to try adding in an intentional set of circles at the top to see what it did.

Now, after a few weeks, I can tell you that I really like this variation.

Not only does it smoke your pecs, it will light up all of the muscles that stabilize the shoulder girdle.
Key points to look for:

  • Make sure the chains are 100% off the floor for as much of the range as you can
  • Don’t go too heavy
  • It seems to work best if you do a few reps of the fly and then the small circles
  • Try matching the number of circles with the number of reps. EG: 3 flys, then 3 circles in each direction
  • Short rest, high reps, a few sets

Watch the video and then try out the New Twist on an Old Standby: the Small Circle Fly.


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