It seems so simple. But why is it that barely no one who is training can stick to one goal.

I want to be strong, I want to be big, I want to look good,I want to do 15 pull-ups.

People constantly change goals and therefore never go anywhere. I recently have been helping a friend and she has changed her goals almost on a daily basis. If you want to look great, there is a different strategy then being your strongest. Im not saying that you can't get your strongest and look decent but you can't be your strongest and look your best. At a certain point goals will start to get in the way of each other.

Prioritize your training into blocks. You have the Look good naked block, conditioning block, strength, or whatever your main goal is. There will be some other benefits to each goal but if you have a goal of a huge OHP and a huge bench press, at some point they will get in the way of each other.


Create one main goal and train for that for 12 weeks. Hit that goal and move on to the next.


Stop program hopping. Don't tell me you want to be as strong as possible for a powerlifting meet and them say you are doing 5-3-1. It 5-3-1 good for general strength/fitness goals, yes. Is it designed to make you the strongest for powerlifting, no. So if your goal is to be kinda strong and kinda fit then use 5-3-1, but if you want to excel at powerlifting use a program designed for that.


Sometimes we don't reach goals. It's okay, but if you don't set a goal, write a plan and see it through then you will never know how to get better. Failing sucks, but it makes us stronger if we learn lessons and make better plans. I used to be afraid of failing and never stuck to anything. Because of this I need short term goals because long term goals freak me out. I get too anxious and overwhelmed. Sometimes my goals is just to get out of bed when my alarm goes off, and 1/2 the time I fail at that. Life is crazy and it is hard but if you set and reach small goals you will feel empowered and be able to do more than you ever thought.