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A shirt to match the ultimate guide for athletes and coaches - Conjugate U: The Proven and Practical Guide for Using the Conjugate Method with Athletes by Nate Harvey

This book is a testament to the validity, effectiveness, and success of using the Conjugate Method with athletes of multiple diciplines.  

Nate Harvey, MS, CSCS, and Executive Equipment Specialist for elitefts began his quest for strength in a similar fashion to most of us - training with early weight equipment in the basement in our pre-teen and teenage years.  Making his way to playing college football, Nate experimented with almost every program known to man - searching for THE ONE program that took his development to the top.  Becoming obsessed with the great Mike Alstott led him to the discovery of Louie Simmons, our own founder, Dave Tate...and naturally, the Conjugate Method.  

From Nate:

"Over the course of 18 years I have witnessed the system outperform virtually all types of periodization and schemes. It’s very hard to objectively evaluate a strength and conditioning system, I get that. One of the indicators that spoke very loudly to me was when we started getting athletes achieving things athletically that, by all previous indicators, shouldn’t be doing.

The last school I used this system at was in it’s infancy of competing at the Division I level, not even 15 years. Subtract the ten years of my time there and you have 5 years as a Division I program when we started to implement the system. When you are as young as we were, you are not getting top tier athletes. After about a year of the system being in place, we were starting to see some surprising performances and some eyebrows were starting to raise, this was another moment of validation and reassurance that we were on to something big. Fast forward 10 years later, and we had the following results form a very young lower level DI school using the Conjugate Method:

  • First and only Football Conference champions 
  • First Division I National Champion (Men’s Shot Put)
  • 3 Basketball Conference Championships in one calendar year (2 for the Men, 1 for the Women). Prior to this time, neither team had won a conference title. The Women also had the lowest injury rate in the athletic department the year they won. This was when we were able to run the system in its truest form without outside meddling. 
  • Men’s shot putters have won 7 of the last 8 indoor track and field Conference Titles and 8 of the last 8 outdoor track and field titles
  • Men’s Swimming and Diving won their first ever Conference Title
  • 8 of the schools 12 total All-Americans
  • 18 Olympic Trials Qualifiers (shot put, swimming diving), two of those qualified for the final round in their sport 
  • Over 50 individual Conference Champions (Track and field, swimming, wrestling and diving)
  • 16 individual National Qualifiers
  • Over 75 Regional Qualifiers 
  • Substantially decreased injury rates

Despite all of these accomplishments we had athletes leave the system either by their own accord or were forced to by their coach, NOT ONE TIME did their performance improve after leaving the system. Injuries typically increased after leaving the system as well. On the flip, side nearly every time an athlete came and trained Conjugate after leaving another training system, their performance improved and their injuries decreased. Sports that trained in the Conjugate system included:

  • Men’s and Women’s Track and Field - Women’s Soccer
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball - Women’s Crew
  • Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving - Women’s Volleyball
  • Men’s and Women’s Cross Country - Women’s Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Wrestling

In addition to all these indicators, was the overwhelming feedback from our athletes. The ones who trained with it then had to go put their asses on the line told us, this method was a major factor in their success. " 

In Conjugate U, you'll learn:

  • What the Conjugate Method is
  • Why and how to use it for athletes
  • Squat, Bench, and Deadlift variations and their application in Conjugate Method AND their carryover to the playing field
  • Dynamic and Max Effort templates
  • Jumps, throws, accessory movements, tissue work, mobility, peaking and deloading
You'll also recieve:
  • Throwers 3 Week Summer Block
  • Men's Basketball - 6 weeks out from Conference Championships
  • Womens' Basketball - 3 week Training post season
  • Week training block for fall Baseball - position and pitchers

Table of Contents:

1. Acknowledgments

2. Purpose

3. About the Author

4. Conjugate Defined

5. Why Conjugate for Athletes

6. The 3 Methods

7. Dynamic Effort - Speed Days – Dynamic Lanes

8. Repeated Effort - Accessory Lanes

9. Max Effort – Heavy Days – Max Effort Lane

10. Training Lanes – Setting up Programs

11. The Big Three

12. The Box Squat

13. Bench and it’s variations

14. Pulls – Deadlift and Variations

15. Daily Workouts

16. Max Effort Upper Day Template

17. Dynamic Effort Lower Day Template

18. Dynamic Effort Upper Day Template

19. Max Effort Lower Day Template

20. Off-Season Weekly Templates

21. In-Season Weekly Templates

22. Tissue Prep Lanes – Upper and Lower Body Options

23. Warm Up Lanes – Upper and Lower Body Options

24. Jumps Lane – Explosive Strength Options for Lower Body Days

25. Jumps Lane - Plyometric Options for Lower Body Days

26. Throws Lane – Explosive Strength Options for Upper Body Days

27. Throws Lane – Plyometric Options for Upper Body Days

28. Dynamic Effort Lane – Options for Lower Body Days

29. Dynamic Effort Lane – Options for Upper Body Days

30. Max Effort Lane – Options for Lower Body Days

31. Max Effort Lane – Options for Upper Body Days

32. Accessory Lane – Options for Lower Body Days – Second Barbell Movement

33. Accessory Lane – Options for Lower Body Days – Isolation Movements

34. Accessory Lane – Options for Upper Body Days – Second Pressing Movements

35. Accessory Lane – Options for Upper Body Days – Isolation Movements

36. Ab and Torso Training – Options for Upper and Lower Body Days

37. Mobility/ Reset Lanes- Options for Upper and Lower

38. Accommodating Resistance – Bands and Chains

39. Accommodating Resistance – Setting Up Bands

40. Accommodating Resistance – Implementing and Setting Up Chains

41. Accommodating Resistance – Use on Accessory Work

42. The Art of Peaking

43. Using Bands to Peak for Competition

44. Deloading

45. Sport Programming Examples

46. Throwers 3 Week Summer Block

47. Men’s Basketball- 6 Weeks Out From Conference Championships

48. Women’s Basketball – 3 week Training Post Season

49. Week Training Block for Fall Baseball – Position and Pitchers

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