Have you ever wondered what you would say if you could have a conversation with your younger self? If you could go back 10, 15, or 20 years in the past, what would you say? What advice for life would you share?

Steve Goggins was recently asked this question on his training log here on elitefts. As one of the most accomplished powerlifters in the history of the sport, what advice could Steve possibly have for his younger self? In this video, Steve shares the three points of advice he would give himself.

1. Be patient.

Above all else, remember to be patient in your powerlifting career. Give yourself time. Don't be caught up in numbers to the point that they are all you can see. If you're training and steadily getting better—being patient over time—the big numbers will come. You don't need to hit a new one-rep max ever month or try to set new records every time you're in the gym.

2. Find a mentor.

Find someone who has accomplished things you admire, who has been places you want to go, and who can give you advice along the way. When you're young, a lot of the time you don't want to listen to advice. You don't want to listen to what other people say when it contradicts what you want and how you want to live. Resist that temptation. Listen to the people who have more experience than you and trust that their knowledge will be helpful throughout your path in life. Ask questions and value the opinions of the people you respect.

3. Be humble.

Never forget where you came from. Never think that you are better than anyone else. Both in the sport of powerlifting and in your personal life, remember that you aren't bigger than the situation. You're never bigger than life. There is value in being a welcoming, approachable person who is kind to others.

At the end of the day, no matter what your total is or how much stronger you are than the guy next to you, you're both human. You're both living in the same world and you'll both leave it the same way. So be kind to others and remember to be humble.

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