In his most recent training session video, Josh Bryant shared a brutal 30-minute back workout capable of building real size without requiring hours and hours in the gym. Now he's following up with another high-efficiency, high-effectiveness workout. In this video, Bryant demonstrates a 30-minute chest workout and explains each of the exercises and techniques used.

Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press

Similar to Bryant's 30-minute back workout, this training session relies on cluster sets to achieve high volume in a short period of time. For the Hammer Strength incline chest press, begin by selecting a weight you could do for 15 reps. With this weight, perform five reps and then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat this for five consecutive minutes.

Weighted Dips

Dips are one of the most beloved bodybuilding movements. Like the previous exercise, for weighted dips you want to select a weight that you're able to do for 15 strict reps. Use this weight to do five reps, rest 15 seconds, and then repeat for five minutes. Chains are great to use for this exercise because, if you reach failure, you can simply pull the weight off instead of having to remove a weighted dip belt.


One of the best functional exercises, the push-up is also great for providing a pump. For this exercise, perform eight reps, rest 15 seconds, and repeat for five total minutes. Because the push-up is a bodyweight movement, it can vary greatly in difficulty for lifters, so you may need to adjust your rep count. Always err on the side of caution. At the end, if you aren't able to achieve the full range of motion, simply focus on continuing the movement and achieving a pump in a limited range.

Standing Cable Fly

The final exercise of this workout requires strict execution and a dedicated focus on performing the movement correctly. Focus on squeezing with the chest, feeling the tension, and holding a peak contraction for a full second at the top. Perform this for six reps with 15 seconds rest for five minutes. When selecting your weight, choose a weight that you can do for 15 reps but remember that you're at the end of the workout; what you can do at this stage in the training session is less than what you could do at the beginning of a workout.

By the minute:

  • (0:27) Hammer Strength incline chest press
  • (1:07) Weighted dips
  • (1:48) Push-ups
  • (2:46) Standing cable fy
  • (3:40) Additional thoughts and feedback on the workout

30-Minute Back Annihilation Workout

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