5 Gifts for the SHW in a 2X Belly Shirt

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I’m not a small guy. At 6-foot-1 and 350 pounds, there’s not a lot that fits me well. Yet when I go to all of these lifting supply sites, especially powerlifting-focused sites, they supply up to 2X like the rest of us don’t need gear, too. Scour the internet and find what we struggle to find because we need the help. Trust me, a 350-pound dude in a 2X belly shirt ain’t gonna be pretty at the next meet.

1. Tees

First, we need tees (sleeveless, too) that come in 3XLT or bigger sizes. We’re broad, we have big arms, we have a gut, and we need to be able to be comfortable when we work out. Preferably sleeveless tees that don’t have gaping holes at the arms that hang down to mid-gut; again, we aren’t trying to wear belly shirts or show side boob.

2. Singlets

Second, big dude singlets would be nice. I wore an Inzer at my last meet that said it was my size, and it was like wearing daisy dukes in singlet form. The boys were crunched, and they weren’t happy. Then, when I look for more appropriate singlets all these sites stop at like 275 and 300 pounds. Gosh dangit, this is powerlifting! We have SHWs!

3. Large Gym Bag

Third, large gym bags to fit our large gear. I don’t weigh 130 pounds and wear size M. My gear takes up square footage and needs a bag that can accommodate that. If it has room to carry food around with us, all the better.

4. Large Powerlifting Belt

Fourth, a good large powerlifting belt. Face it, we’re kind of rough on belts, all belts, and it really doesn’t matter which kind; we destroy them all. Powerlifting belts are no different, and I need a belt that doesn’t suffocate me to get it latched.

5. Clen

Lastly, a lifetime supply of clen. 350 is as beefy as I want to get.

Your big dude will be very thankful. It is seriously a burden to have to struggle through workouts with gear that doesn’t fit well. Being self-conscious of whether you’re hanging out of your clothes or not sucks. We need good, appropriately sized gear.

Danny Wyatt is an USPA lifter and has been powerlifting for one year in the Master's division.

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