The following details my back and biceps Workout of the Day from Kirkland Gold’s Gym. Here is the workout:

Pronate Grip Dumbbell Rows

  • Set 1 x 10 reps with 90 pounds
  • Set 2 x 10 reps with 100 pounds
  • Set 3 x 10 reps with 110 pounds
  • Set 4 x 10 reps with 120 pounds

The key here is to maintain a flat lower back and avoid twisting through the lower spine. Bend over until your back is parallel to the floor and allow the weight to stretch you briefly at the bottom before driving your elbow up and back. Use a pronate grip for this movement.

Alternate: Rope Face-Pulls and Seated Pulley Tsunami Rows


I used a Tsunami Bar attachment similar to the elitefts Level 5 Tsunami Lat Bar.

  • Face-Pull x 30 reps with 80 pounds
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Seated Pulley Tsunami Rows x 10 reps with 150 pounds

I’m focusing on adding in more posterior delt movements to balance out all the pressing movements. For that reason, I alternated my primary exercise (Seated Pulley Rows) with face-pulls. The key on the Tsunami Rows is to refrain from allowing the weight to bottom out when your arms are extended, so the weight will stretch you. Stretch for a moment, and then drive your elbows back, bringing the Tsunami Bar to your midsection before controlling the negative. For the alternate exercises, keep rest breaks to 30 seconds between exercises. Do each exercise three times.

MAG Semi-Supinate Isotension

I used a MAG semi-supinate attachment, which is similar to the Prime RO-T8 3N1 Handles.

  • Set 1 x 10-second isotension + 10 reps with 110 pounds
  • Set 2 x 10-second isotension + 10 reps with 110 pounds
  • Set 3 x 10-second isotension + 10 reps with 110 pounds

The key here is to pull to the contracted position and hold for 10 seconds while flexing your lats as hard as possible. Perform 10 reps immediately following the isohold.

Superset: Decline Dumbbell Pullovers and Farmer's Carry

I used a steep decline bench for the pullovers, FYI.

  • Decline Dumbbell Pullover x 12 reps with 60 pounds
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Farmer's Carry x 25-30 yards carrying two 100-pound plates

I’m looking to add in more functional training. Today was literally the first time I ever did a Farmer's Carry. The big takeaway is that I have poor grip strength stamina. It was a good cardio-type active-rest for the dumbbell pullovers and pre-fatigued my forearms for the next exercise. Superset these exercises for three rounds.

Rotating Preacher Curls

  • Set 1 x 10-12 reps with 20 pounds
  • Set 2 x 10-12 reps with 20 pounds
  • Set 3 x 10-12 reps with 20 pounds

The key here is to curl the concentric from a primarily supinate hand position with the dumbbells touching. In the fully contracted position, flex hard and then while lowering the weight, rotate your wrists through neutral to fully pronate hand position with dumbbell ends touching at the very bottom. Reverse and rotate your wrists as you come up. After Farmers Carries and three rounds here, your forearms should be smashed.

Machine Preacher Curls

  • Set 1 x 6-second isotension + 6 reps with 90 pounds
  • Set 2 x 6-second isotension + 6 reps with 90 pounds

Just two sets here to finish off your biceps. Start each set with an isohold in the fully contracted position, flexing as hard as possible.

That concluded this back and biceps workout.

Train hard!


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