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1.) Be an Example to your athletes and fellow coaches in the weight-room. All the qualities you expect from your athletes in the weight room should be embodied by you as a coach.

2.) Bring all your Experiences to every training session. It is not just experience that separate good from great strength coaches. It is specifically how they use those experiences to correct mistakes, improve as a coach, and to develop their own comprehensive coaching philosophy. Bring those experiences to the weight room every day.

3.) Create an Environment that permeates the right culture and attitude to enable success at all levels. Hold all teams, all athletes, accountable for their actions, their effort, and their performance. Create a training environment where athletes want to be and want to improve.

4.) Communicate Expectations to all athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators involved in the program. The method and terminology may be adjusted for the specific audience, but the philosophy, methodology, and principles need to be consistent to all parties interested.

5.) Bring Energy to every session. Athletes are going to feed off if you as a coach in the weight room. It is you as a coach they will buy into in the first place, not the program. Athletes generally do not care about the specifics of your programming or periodization scheme. They want to know you as a coach have their best interest in mind.