WATCH: Table Talk — Do Your Genetics Suck?

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My genetics suck.

I wish I had genetics like that guy.

I could be that strong too, if I had his genetics.

I'd be in the Olympia if my genetics were like Phil Heath's.

You've heard these things. Maybe you've even said them. If you're a beginner whose progress has slowed, it's easy to wonder if you'll ever get past your plateau. Don't worry — you will. Don't jump to blaming your genetics. This is the topic for Dave's newest Table Talk.

Your body's initial response to training is going to be dramatic. If that slows, which it will, don't panic. Don't jump around from program to program hoping to find the perfect formula for those early gains. Find a ten-week plan that intrigues you and keeps you excited. Do the plan. Follow the plan. Keep doing the plan.

If you're a novice, don't overcomplicated things. Just train your program for the ten weeks. And don't blame your genetics.

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